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Friday night after dinner walks and gelato

During our visits over the summer we would take a walk downtown after dinner on a Friday evening and stop at Francesco's for gelato.  This has now become one of our traditions in our new home town.

When we have guests from out of town, we take the required after dinner walk and pop in for gelato.  There are so many flavors to choose from and I always promise myself that I will try something new, but always end up with the Mango.

The staff are always friendly and will let you taste what ever flavor catches your eye.  There are three different sizes - picolo $2.95, medio $3.75 and generoso $4.75.  Be warned they melt quickly and will drip making your hands sticky because you cannot lick fast enough no matter how much you try. 

I think we just need to sit down and enjoy them, but ask our friend Riki and she will tell you there is nothing better than walking downtown Corvallis on a beautiful fall evening, the sounds of the local dance club in the air, eating Gelato, window shopping and then figuring out where we are going to wash our sticky hands.  (The bus station has a water fountain which has always helped us out.)

Here are a few pictures I have taken of one of our trips to Francesco's. 

 So many flavors

 My favorite on the right, Mango Sorbetto

The boys chocolate choices


The boys on the walk back home

Francesco's Gelato Caffe is locally owned and is located at 208 SW 2nd Street, Corvallis.  Stop by when you are next in town and let me know what flavor you tried.  Don't forget to ask for a taste of Mango.

Oregon State University, home of the Beavers.

While my husband was at school last year and I was in town, I would go and watch the Oregon State Football team practice.  Practice is open to everyone, just don't bring your video cameras as not only will they ask you to quit I will be the one tackling your ass to the ground. 

Now let us back up a bit about my devotion to the Beavers and why I am such a fan.  I know nothing about American Football.  I know what a touchdown and a tight end are so I think I have my bases covered.  Going to a football practice can be intimidating.  There were quite a few people watching, everyone had their chairs and discussing amongst themselves about the new players.  I am still trying to figure out the language, football language that is, and I am a little iffy on the term 'red shirt', but I am sure I will get the hang of it one day.

As I was sitting by myself trying to figure out the plays, a woman next to me introduced herself and then proceeded to introduce me to her friends and so on and so on.  It was a great day and it was again confirmed to myself that this is where I wanted to live.

I took some photographs of the practice and yes, I did ask permission.

On a Thursday evening during the football season Beaver Sports Talk takes place at McMenamins and you have the opportunity to meet the various coaches. 

I was fortunate to meet Coach Mike Riley.  What a very humble man.  I only spoke with him for a few minutes and not once did he glance around the room to see if there was someone more important than little ol' me who knows nothing about football. 

I congratulated him on what a great job he is doing as the Coach to which he answered that without the devotion and drive of the entire team, doing a great job would not be possible.  I truly walked on air going home because I had finally met someone in the football world who was not about their ego. 

If you are around during the summer when practice starts, bring your camping chair, some coffee and come join us support these young men.  It is free and a great way to meet other people, especially if you are new to the area. 

Come on over and say hi, I will be the one in orange and black.

The Move

2009 was a year spent apart from my husband.  Our son was in 12th grade and it would have been some what traumatic to move him to a new school in his final year.  There are many things that my son will be in therapy for, I just didn't want to add to my already growing list.

So throughout the year we would fly back and forth between Utah and Oregon.  Thank you to Southwest Airlines for keeping my marriage alive, so much cheaper than marriage counseling.

As the move came closer we finally found a home to rent in the College Hills District and we made the big move.  Driving down the tree lined streets and the smell of clean air (those who have lived in Utah will understand where I am coming from), I finally knew I was home.

Please join me on my journey of discovery where I will review stores, events and all other things related to this exceptional town and other surrounding areas.